Telecoms ESCO Solution

The design, supply, install and maintain custom energy solutions to meet the needs of fibre, fixed wireless and mobile wireless telecommunication operators.

Telecoms Security Services

Tailormade 24/7/365 security services to the telecommunications industry.

Battery & Generator Backup

Ensure that you have 24/7/365 access to a reliable electricity supply where the grid is too costly or unreliable.

Off-grid Solar PV

In the scenario where you have no access to an electrical grid supply, we can design, supply and install your complete offgrid solar PV system.

Grid-tied Solar PV

Harness energy from the sun to save on electricity costs while relying on your primary supply.

About Us

EnergyOn is a specialist turnkey EPC (Engineering, Supply & Construction) alternative energy company, focusing on the design, supply, project management, installation, maintenance, monitoring and reporting of alternative energy supply solutions, including solar PV (photovoltaic), battery backup systems and related security, in the industrial, commercial, agricultural and telecoms sectors.

The PV GreenCard is an industry led quality label that is inclusive in nature and becomes the key to ensure a high standard of quality for Solar PV installations.

The PV GreenCard is an as built report for the Solar PV system owner and a checklist for the installer which qualified installers provide to their clients on the completion of a project. The PV GreenCard contains details of the installation such as, what sort of PV modules and PV inverters were used, as well a checklist of all of the necessary installation steps that were completed. The installer is able to use the PV GreenCard to declare compliance with relevant standards as well as safety guidelines for PV installation. This provides investor confidence, commitment from participating industry players and empowerment of the Solar PV system owner.

All SSEG installations connecting to the municipal or national electricity grid, need to comply with Grid Code and Eskom safety requirements (NRS 098 2-1: Utility Compatibility Standard; SANS 10141-1-2 Draft Safety Standard) and be registered with NERSA (National Energy Regulator of South Africa).

EnergyOn can draft and submit the SSEG registration application with Eskom/Local Municipality and NERSA on behalf of the customer.

Turnkey Solutions

We provide a complete solution to address your specific needs from the initial design phase right through to continuous monitoring and maintenance.

Reliable Energy

Our energy solutions provide a reliable and cost effective alternative to the unstable national electricity grid.


We specialise in alternative energy supply, backed by extensive experience across multiple industries.

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